Price Crane Robinsons VFW Post 4642

                                           105 Mill Street
                                       Linden, Michigan 48451 

    VFW Post 4642 was chartered on December 16th, 1945 and is dedicated to the memories of four Linden residents killed in action during World War II; Robert C. Price, Chester L. Crane, Leo R. Robinson, and Howard L. Robinson. 
              Robert C. Price                Chester L. Crane                Leo R. Robinson            Howard L. Robinson 
          France 08/11/1944           Philippines 11/05/44          Luxemburg 02/10/45           Saipan 08/27/45      

    The first members of Post 4642 built our VFW Hall brick-by-brick and, for over 60 years, the following generations of Veterans have upheld their legacy and traditions of patriotism and community service.   

Business Mailing Address:

Price Crane Robinsons
 VFW Post 4642
PO Box 668
Linden, Michigan 48451
PH 810-836-0141

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    Price Crane Robinsons VFW Post 4642 is a registered 501c (19) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting fellow veterans and current service members and their families.  The Post actively participates in the Patriot's Pen and Voice of Democray programs, supports local charity fundraisers, places 800 Veterans' graveside flags annually, and has proudly led the Linden Memorial Day Parade since 1948. 

    Our ability to serve the Linden community is a result of our members' generous donations of time and money, but we can't do it alone.  Your support is needed to continue our pledge to our local Veterans, currently serving service members, and their families.  

    To contribute a tax-deductible donation, you may mail a check or money order made payable to VFW POST 4642 to:
                                    VFW Post 4642
                                      PO Box 668
                                   Linden, MI 48451  

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